How to Save on Child Daycare

How to save on child daycare and child care expenses.

These are some of the best tips on how to save on child daycare and child care expenses:

  • Consider checking into an at home private daycare which is a daycare ran out of a person’s house usually, where the daycare provider has a license or is certified to watch a couple of children out of their home.
  • Daycare share/swap with other mom’s. Some mom’s are swapping baby sitting or daycare services while adjusting their work schedule. How it works is you swap houses each day and each mom in the group takes a different day of the week to watch the children. That day of the week you should be able to take off of work to watch the children, so it works well if you have flexibility at work or are able to work full time only four days during the week or work one day during the weekend to make up for the day off during the week. The day that you get off of work is your day to watch the children. This works well in a group of women who can all have flexible work schedules and are able to take a day off each week to provide childcare for all the groups’ children. Check out Day Care Trade to see about daycare sharing/trading with other families.
  • If you have family or a good friend close by to where you live see if they might be willing to watch and care for your child when you are at work. Grandparents might be willing to watch the baby for you or maybe if you have a sister, an Aunt or a sister-in-law may all be relatives to consider if they do not work or are retired.
  • If you are able to or can afford to stay at home. Check into opportunities to work from home or ask your employer if they might consider allowing you to work from home, even if it’s just for a day or two each week. If staying at home or working from home is just not an option for you (and for many it is not an option) then look into the other suggestions here and try to trim your childcare expenses using these suggestions.
  • Comparison shop and compare daycares in your area before deciding which one to go with if you choose the daycare option. Look at all the different daycare and childcare centers offered nearby to where you live in your city or town. Ask around to other mom’s to get their opinion of the daycare they use and the costs. Do an interview with each daycare you’re interested in and see which one is the best fit and the right price for your budget.
  • Take advantage of any discounted or lower priced options in your area or any money provided to help with childcare you may qualify to get from the government.
  • Remember to deduct childcare expenses when it comes time to do your taxes each year. You can deduct most, if not all, childcare expenses when doing your taxes. That’s money you can get back to help pay for childcare expenses for the coming year.
  • Pack your child’s lunch and snacks if you have to pay extra for food at the daycare. Many times you can purchase foods to pack for your child at cheaper prices using coupons and sales than if you were to pay for their lunch at the daycare center.
  • Hire a nanny or at home childcare provider, this could possibly be competitively priced if you look around against paying a daycare for childcare. Plus your child may get more one on one attention and interaction from one person, rather than a multitude of people and could still get interaction with other children by going on play dates.
  • Ask your employer if they offer any kind of discount on childcare or if they offer childcare services or a daycare. Many employers offer discounts with local childcare centers and some even have their own daycares at the job site.
  • Share a nanny or baby sitter with another family, meaning two families team up to pay one price to a nanny and the nanny watches both children for that weekly/monthly fee. By sharing a nanny you could lower the cost of care that both families pay, while the nanny will still earn a significant amount to watch both children. This works especially well if both children are around the same age or in the same age group.
  • Adjust your work schedule to be home and take care of your child. Have one parent work the day shift, while the other works the night shift. This way someone is always at home with the child, but still allows both parents to work. Granted this has its difficulties including the parents not spending as much time with each other and seeing each other in passing or for very little time, except when both parents have time off. However this can be a good way to save on childcare without having to hire someone else to watch or take care of your baby. Some couples can handle this and others may not be able to do so, it’s about give and take and what you’re willing to do.
  • Open a flexible spending account with your employer to set aside money to pay for childcare costs.


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