How to Find a Safe and Effective Daycare Center

How to find a daycare. Here's how to find a safe, but effective daycare center or childcare facility to drop your child off at while you're at work during the day.

You’ve got to go back to work tomorrow, or your maternity pay is going to be cut in half. And you’re worried that even once you find a daycare, it might not be safe for your child. To find a daycare facility can be a very stressful decision especially these days, with recent daycare and childcare horror stories cropping up in the news of children being harmed by those entrusted to look after them.

On top of all of this, you’ve already found a daycare that would be perfect for your child, but, tada! It already filled up months ago. What’s a parent to do? Here’s how to avoid all of the stress that goes along with finding a suitable childcare facility, and sleep easy at night knowing you found a good daycare for your child or infant.

First, to find a daycare for your child, or to choose a daycare, discuss the issue of daycare with your spouse soon after your child is born, even during pregnancy, and let your spouse help you with your daycare search for daycares in your area to make finding a daycare easier.

You don't have to find a daycare for your child immediately after your child is born, however, if you start looking for a daycare early for your baby or child especially if you only have a few months of maternity leave for your job, you'll be able to more thoroughly do research on daycare centers, and choose the daycare you want instead of the daycare being full, which can lead to more stress later, since the best daycares often fill up quickly with new applicants.

Next, to find a daycare for your child, ask your family and friends with children in the area which daycare would be right for your child. Also, check out the daycares that are booked solid, and ask some of the parents leaving the building why they prefer this daycare to others.

To avoid choosing a daycare that ends up on the news for child endangerment, your circle of friends and family can likely point you in the right direction to find a daycare that suits you. If you've just arrived in the area, and haven't got anyone to ask, to find a daycare look up reviews online, including the National Association for Childcare's website, on, or again, look into why certain daycares in your area are popular to find a daycare.

Finally to find a daycare that's right for you child or infant, call or visit the daycare you're considering. For a more completely reference of how children are handled in that particular daycare, set up to meet with the caregivers, or ask for a tour of the facility. Most importantly, make sure the daycare you choose is accredited to the standards of your state to choose a daycare that's right for your child.


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